Virtual Tour Photography

Virtual Tour Photography

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How to attract more QUALIFIED customers to your catering hall …

How to attract more QUALIFIED customers to your catering hall …


Nowadays more and more people use the web to look for things.  They use it to find vacation spots, to look for homes, look for good deals, look where to eat and use it when planning an affair/wedding.

Today’s couple is much savvier. They turn to the computer to weed out what they like and dislike, ultimately narrowing down their options.

With the technology the web has to offer, flat photos of a banquet facility are becoming a thing of the past. More and more people are first looking at the sites that have virtual tours. The interactive photography gives them a much better idea of what your place looks like.  Things flow better. The benefit to you is that it showcases your place in “READY” mode (your finest china and linens are all out) and it helps bring in more qualified prospects, ultimately weeding out most of the tire-kickers.

With our staff of radio announcers coupled with our large library of public domain music, every time someone looks at your tour, they will have a professional sounding narrator tell them the benefits of why they should have their affair at your establishment.  


Lakewood Country Club, Lakewood, NJ    Virtual Tours International  photography and virtual tours


 provides high quality 3D virtual imaging so that you can creatively showcase your services, ultimately adding a tremendous supplementary marketing tool to your arsenal. As an added bonus, you can create a promotional CD of your facility which can be distributed to prospective brides.


Please click on the links I've provided below.  They will give you a sampling of our work.  Note that our services are "headache free."   We do the photography work. We store your data. We work directly with your web people so that a link can be established.    

Click here to view a wedding venue virtual tour 







Can a virtual Tour be posted to Social Media sites?



How are virtual tours SEO friendly?

When a virtual tour is created, it's similar to a website as it has a URL, its own wed address. It's like having an additional website, giving you more ways for search engines to find your business.

Like a website, virtual tours need to be hosted on a server. VTI offers hosting and the first year is always free.


Can a virtual tour be posted to Social Media sites?

Yes! Each tour we create has one click posting to Twitter, Facebook and Linked In - and easy emailing. It also has a printable flyer for menus, coupons and driving directions.


I already have a slide show on my website why do I need a virtual tour?

I already have a slide show on my website why do I need a virtual tour?

Besides all the features of each virtual tour we create,  virtual tours are dimensional, it allows the viewer to see the room as if there were there. Controlling and moving the pictures to get every detail and layout of the venue. As a result visitors to your website stay longer and that's how leads get generated.

Is a virtual tour right for my business?

VTI has created virtual tours for business like Johnny-on-the-spot, Rastelli Food Distributors and Lawyers Offices. Any and all types of business  use virtual tours for marketing

What is the difference between a video and a virtual tour



Whats the difference between a video and a virtual tour?

Videos consist of many small clips, music, interviews ..... and due to the number of hours required to storyboard and edit, can cost quite a bit to produce.   Once produced, you still need to invest in the air time required to show it.

A Virtual Tour is an inspection tool.  It gives the viewer the ability to INTERACTIVELY tour your location.  They move at their own pace and can guide themselves through as though they were taking their time, walking around, noticing the detail and beauty of your facility.   A voice over is an option to our tours and can assist in guiding the viewer for the ultimate experience.   Our tours can also combine still photos, panoramas (interactive sweeps) AND video clips to provide for a COMPLETE INTERACTIVE multimedia experience. 

Our virtual tours also include a flexible interface and marketing tools to maximize your exposure and investment.

Virtual Tours International formerly  Jersey Girl Virtual Tours provides 360 degree pictures known as a virtual tour. Its referred to as a tour because it allows a viewer  to "Tour" the scene. Our clients range from hotels, restaurants, gyms, retail, shops, towns, parks, camps, day care centers, hospitals, theaters

Why Should Your Hotel Have Virtual Tours?

Hotels with Virtual Tours get more guests


Why Should Your Hotel Have Virtual Tours?


Businesses that invest in high-quality virtual tours, photography and other rich media will have a competitive edge over those that do not promote their properties with visual content. Hotels will typically see higher online conversion rates and will retain more repeat visitors if they present high-quality photos and virtual tours to their prospective guests . Getting your image right the first time with the customer is especially important, as it will leave a lasting impression. Accurate, true-to-property, virtual tours will build customer loyalty by providing valuable, trustworthy website content and information to travel shoppers while they make their all-important booking decisions. Using high-quality, high-resolution virtual tours, the hotel will end up with an outstanding visual presentation that is a great benefit to guests, as well as the hotel’s bottom line.

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