Virtual Tour Photography

Virtual Tour Photography

360 degree

It's not a video


It's a video you say? No - it's  360 degree panoramic photography  known as a "virtual tour." What's the difference?

A video plays - you sit back and watch what the director wants you to see when they want you to see it. While it is a great marketing tool and  worth having for your business, it's not a virtual tour.

A 360 degree virtual tour allows YOU,  the viewer to interact and control the viewing experience.  It's not linear. You can pick and choose what you want to see and how long you want to see it.. It also allows you to check out details that might breeze by in a video. Why is this important?   For a meeting/event planner it will give you an absolute view of available event space, seating layout, and can easily be referred back to as the picture won't change until you change it.  For a bride - a virtual tour can assist in seating arrangements, deciding if the hall is the right size, or if the flow of the room works for you. When a business provides a virtual tour it opens up its doors to the world 24/7.

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