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What is the difference between a video and a virtual tour



Whats the difference between a video and a virtual tour?

Videos consist of many small clips, music, interviews ..... and due to the number of hours required to storyboard and edit, can cost quite a bit to produce.   Once produced, you still need to invest in the air time required to show it.

A Virtual Tour is an inspection tool.  It gives the viewer the ability to INTERACTIVELY tour your location.  They move at their own pace and can guide themselves through as though they were taking their time, walking around, noticing the detail and beauty of your facility.   A voice over is an option to our tours and can assist in guiding the viewer for the ultimate experience.   Our tours can also combine still photos, panoramas (interactive sweeps) AND video clips to provide for a COMPLETE INTERACTIVE multimedia experience. 

Our virtual tours also include a flexible interface and marketing tools to maximize your exposure and investment.

Virtual Tours International formerly  Jersey Girl Virtual Tours provides 360 degree pictures known as a virtual tour. Its referred to as a tour because it allows a viewer  to "Tour" the scene. Our clients range from hotels, restaurants, gyms, retail, shops, towns, parks, camps, day care centers, hospitals, theaters

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